The EU Biotech Campus is a new on-campus multi-operators training centre  dedicated to the development of talents, skills and businesses in the biotech & health industry. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and services that are made available for regional, Belgian, European and international students and jobseekers, academics, spin-offs, start-ups, scale-ups and multinationals.
This inclusive project aims to welcome local and European training providers and companies  in a one stop shop flagship place. They all together are going to develop adequate training programs. Through this model, cross -fertilization will be generated between development of competences and acquisition of a business mindset.

Four main pillars


Sensibilize students and job seekers on the opportunities of the health and biotech sector, as well as business leaders on new emerging therapies. An immersive experience showing the value of biotechnologies on society using the latest digital techniques: movies, VR experience, digital twin academy, interactive museology, interactive workshops,…

and supply chain

Provide trainings to cover the currently unanswered market needs. Top-notch education and training around the next generation of biomanufacturing excellence (connected manufacturing lines, cobotics, robotics, automated processes, remote digital monitoring, vocal commands and reporting, ….

and Digital

Provide trainings to enhance the digital transformation by focusing on new skills and jobs e.g. IT & OT Skills, Process Skills, Analytics skills, AI, Machine Learning,… The EU Biotech Campus will provide training on data management and how it can improve and optimize innovation and manufacturing processes.

Soft skills

Professionalize starters in their business mindset for their starting companies to be further anchored in Wallonia & uplift skills business leaders. It concerns middle management training to get acquaintance with business and management basics.