Another historic day for the EU Biotech Campus

On the heels of the announcement of three strategic partnerships, the EU Biotech Campus this morning kicked off its first training programme! Developed in collaboration with Helsci and Co-Valent, this course entitled Data Science in Life Science tackles a very important subject for the future of the sector. Which programming language for which use? How can discrete and continuous data be visualised effectively? At the end of the 10 sessions, these questions will no longer hold any secrets for the participants.

The EU Biotech Campus is asserting its ambition by starting its activities well in advance of the opening of its infrastructure, scheduled for the end of 2025. Our mission goes far beyond the physical limits of our facilities: to offer tailor-made training courses that are as close as possible to the needs of the biotech industry.

Stay tuned for new training courses coming up in the next few days.